Hungry Snake


It's bitter cold today and no reptile would be moving around, so this is a summer memory. We had fun this past year meeting up with +Alex Lapidus and +Linda Villers and we spent the day sharing with them some of our favourite spots. On our walk to the Kejimkujik seaside adjunct, we spotted this fellow with a frog in his mouth. The frog was easily 4 times as wide as the snake and the back legs (from my memory) were being swallowed as the snake began to ingest his prey. I can't interpret the look on the face of any reptile, but I am pretty sure I saw panic in the eyes of that frog. As we came nearer, the snake was startled and relaxed its grip for a second. The frog struggled free and hopped off and the snake, disappointed and no doubt hungry, turned to make his own escape into the undergrowth beside the path.

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Painted Turtles on a Log-131/365

Our trip to Miner's Marsh in the middle of Kentville yielded lots of photographs of ducks, one duckling and a red winged blackbird. I chose to feature this one of the two painted turtles sunning themselves on a log at the edge of the water.. They are the most common of the turtles in our province. Zoom in and take a look at the length of the claws on those feet! Someone needs to buy new nail clippers. I know they were enjoying the sun and warmth on their backs as much as we were.

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