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Rose Coloured Glasses

Rose Coloured Glasses - Ellie Kennard 2012
Rose Coloured Glasses – Ellie Kennard 2012

Another rescue post, rather sad as Dave, mentioned here, died suddenly a year ago. I still like the image, so am bringing it in here.

Original Post: February 24, 2012 – #55 

The Best Kind of Glasses to See Through – Rose Coloured

I buy my glasses where they only sell rose coloured ones and when they need a tweak (perhaps I am beginning to see things a bit blue) then they fix them for free. So I went in for a tweak today and thought you might like to see their selection.

Dave sells the best glasses in the area, he is not a big box store, but a small local business and his service is second to none. And everything looks great!

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Mine is looking good.

Drops on Webs on Leaves

Drops in Webs on Leaves - Ellie Kennard 2012
Drops in Webs on Leaves – Ellie Kennard 2012

I am having so much fun rediscovering these photographs as I go through the rescue mission on my Google+ posts. This was one of my favourites, taken in September of 2012 with a macro lens which I always found a challenge to use hand held out of doors,  to get the focus just as I wanted. But this result, with the rich colours and textures was one I was particularly happy with. Although it is white outside, the rich colours here remind me of one of my favourite seasons for photography.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Original Posting: September 21, 2012 – 264/366 – Drops on Webs on Leaves

I can’t resist the colours of the leaves as they fall, the textures in them, almost like skin. When you combine that with some webs and add some drops from the night’s rainfall, I am out there on my knees with the macro lens you can be sure.

This is image #264 for my participation in the #creative366project

Old Bottles and Rainy Days

Windowsill, rain and bottles - Ellie Kennard 2012
Windowsill, rain and bottles – Ellie Kennard 2012

I featured these bottles twice in my posts on Google+. This post includes them both.

Original Post:
Rainy day with bottles
January 24, 2012

Yesterday’s frost has gone and the expected rain arrived. Even a dull day can look interesting through a raindrop covered window with a bottle collection on the windowsill. I was playing with the focus at first but on seeing the drops, the bottles and the greenery outside on what I had thought of as a dreary day, the whole scene had an old fashioned warmth about it.

Image #24 for my participation in the #creative366project

Found Bottles - Ellie Kennard 2013
Found Bottles – Ellie Kennard 2013

Original post: 15 Mar 2013
Project 52 B&W
Week 11: Old

Those were the days. When Eiffel Tour Lemonade came in liquid crystals in little bottles like the two you see here (from the late 1800’s). That was when perfume came in beautifully shaped bottles with a Bakelite top and when ink came in squat heavy ones. They were not fine or particularly delicate, but have great appeal. Many of these were dug up from our garden in England. In the past, people had their own little rubbish burying areas in their gardens – in the days before plastic packaging and public garbage collection. These were thrown out as garbage and we find them and put them on display.

This was taken with my new prime lens (40mm) which is forcing me to think carefully about my composition and not rely on being able to zoom. I am enjoying this new form of discipline in my learning process.