Summer Set


So September is here and with it comes thoughts of ordering firewood against the winter cold (they are predicting a worse winter than last year – how is that possible?) and making sure that any summer and autumn chores are all done before the cold starts. It all looks (and feels with extremely hot days) like summer still, but with the days getting shorter so quickly now and school buses on the road again, the heat of the sun and drowsy afternoons we are still enjoying just have a different and more poignant feel about them.

It's time to get out and enjoy what's left of the last of the summer if you can, at a lakeside, like this one or on the beach. Winter will be here soon enough.

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This is Stuart. He can hear Sound


Week 18/26: Sound #BWProject26 .

We first met Stuart almost 18 years ago. He is a wood turner and he was standing smiling in his booth at a craft show. His wife stepped up at once and explained that Stuart was deaf, so she showed us his work as he looked on, smiling at us and doing his best to chat. Stuart had not been born deaf but had worked as a pile driver for many years and the vibration and loud sounds had gradually eroded his hearing. His wife explained to me that when deafness is caused by noise levels, a hearing aid is not good, because it increases the sound level, which then continues to cause even more hearing loss.

We saw Stuart a few times over the years and he always remained apparently accepting of his condition, smiling when we complimented him on his work and talking about it animatedly. I since found out that he had to put up a fight to get his hearing loss accepted as being work related so that he could receive a disability pension, but he never let on to us about his discouragements or concerns, continuing to turn and produce the things he loved to make.

A few years ago, Stuart had a cochlear implant and, he was able to hear for the first time in years. It was at first a bit strange to be able to speak to him in a more or less normal voice and have him respond, but everyone was so happy for him that this treatment had helped him to hear again. At last we were able to really get to know him properly.

We were all at the annual Nova Woodturners Guild BBQ the other day, when I saw Stuart sitting there listening to the conversation with a little smile on his face in response to what was being said. Those of us with no experience of such impairment can have no idea of the pleasure he must get when he can sit and listen to a conversation going on around him again.

So Stuart is my model for 'Sound', the theme for this project this week.

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Victoria Park Fountain, Halifax


Another photo from my day spent at the summer craft market (NSDCC). After my period of volunteering on the information booth was over and while I waited for Steven to finish his inspections with the Standards Committee, I wandered around the park, which is really just a narrow strip of grass and stately trees between two city streets. The focal point is this little fountain. At the moment it has unsightly roadworks on all sides and a single photograph would not have done it justice. This is a composition of multiple exposures, showing it in its full glory.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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Uncommon Transport


One afternoon in July, after finishing my time of volunteering at the Summer Craft Market of the NSDCC, in Halifax, just opposite the public gardens, I had taken a little walk around when I came across this scene. The lights changed as I took the image and the procession made its way across the intersection with no one taking much notice of them apart from me. I am not sure if this means of transport is a common sight in a city, but it was the first time I had seen it in use. Halifax is not a big city and the main places of interest, from the waterfront up the hill to the park are only a short walking distance apart, though admittedly up a rather steep hill. I thought what a strange thing, to not take advantage of the opportunity of exercise on such a beautiful day, by standing on these contraptions to be carried around our fair city.

These people might have come off one of the cruise ships which dock in the port, looking like high rise buildings blocking the picturesque view of the harbour. Perhaps they had sea legs and were afraid of walking on land for fear of falling down.

In any case, they fit one of today's themes nicely: #transporttuesday +TransportTuesday by +Gene Bowker +Annie Irving

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Week 15/26: #BWProject26

Everywhere you look there are curves. It isn't until you actually start to look for the curves in the world around you, that you become aware that even straight things are curved when you look at them indirectly. You can see curves in this image on a phone (small screen) or a tablet, but when you zoom in, you see the curves within the curves. Enjoy your travel through this wonky world.

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More Haste Less Speed


Sometimes a busy day can make you feel as if you are being sucked into a vortex, everything going faster than you want. Then, right in the centre, when things seem at their busiest, there is a still, quiet place and you can catch your breath, look around you and just enjoy the quiet.

I hope you all have a colourful, calm, productive weekend, with friends or family, just enjoying life as you can.

This post and image is in celebration of three of the still active, favourite themes featured by the +Public Calendar of Daily Photography Themes.

because this is entirely suspicious, the colours resembling those of a famous coffee shop seen through a distorted alien mind, (though a day late): #AlienAbductionFriday +Alien Abduction Friday by +Irene Kato +Alex Lapidus +Karl Geiger Jr +Janice Hackney +Jetski

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Annapolis Valley Panorama


Best Viewed Large

It's never easy to get a clear view from the top of the 'South Mountain', looking across the dykes and the Minas Basin to the Blomidon cliffs, as it's always so misty across the bay.

You see here the farmland with the dykes winding through the countryside. You can see the highway which slices through the landscape like an ugly scar, and a farm shop roof in front of the water, stained red with the mud from the incoming tide. It is high tide, which really shows the curving path of the water well in the scene. In the distance you see Port Williams across the dyke. The hay that you see is supposed to be particularly good, grown on the reclaimed land and full of minerals. To the far right you see the sloping cliff of Blomidon, which is also a Provincial park. Kingsport, with its wonderful beach for walking at low tide lies in front of it.

It's the first landscape that I have posted in a long time, as mostly I have been focusing on blur and smaller vistas. I hope you enjoy this.

I decided to try my first panorama in Lightroom and to see what the new 'dehaze' feature would do for it, as well. Considering that I could have done a better job of taking the images, LR didn't do too badly at lining up the edges to make the photograph. I only had a small amount of cleaning up to do. I have to say it was rather 'quick and dirty' and I also found the dehaze feature to be a bit of a gimmick (it's global, creating a lot of contrast in areas where it wasn't needed) but no doubt a small amount did help. For a change I decided to upload the image at 3,500 px, which will count towards my image storage on G+, but thought the original size, at more than 17,000 px would really be too large.

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Eilles Tee : The Pleasures of Everyday Things


To introduce my new collection "Everyday Things" and in honour of the theme by the same name, I want to share this photograph of these everyday objects in my cupboard that are special to us. The story starts with a trip to Germany and a stay in a small hotel in Karlsruhe. The hotel is small, clean and comfortable, run by a friendly young couple who were always pleasant and more than helpful. They serve the most copious and delicious selection of food for their breakfasts, including a wide choice of speciality teas and excellent coffee.

After the first few days of our visit I began to appreciate more and more the little touches that made our stay one of comfort and pleasure. One of these was in the breakfast room where there were delicate glasses with handles and special filters so that we could make our own tea from the selection in the tins. On each table were small white porcelain holders into which you placed the filters when your tea was brewed to your own personal satisfaction. The colours of the various teas – from a deep rich brown through a golden amber to a pale almost colourless light liquid, each looked more delicious in those lovely clear glasses. We seemed to enjoy them even more because of these delicate glasses. It was such a civilized way to enjoy morning (or afternoon) tea. Each glass had "Eilles Tee" discretely etched on it.

We searched through the town to try to find some of these tea glasses, with no success, even in the Eilles store on the main street. We then looked online, but couldn't find them. Eventually we asked the managers who told us that they are normally reserved for hotel use only. When he saw our disappointment. this kind man offered to order some for us, so that on our next visit we could pick them up. He did exactly that and we brought them home. So now every day we remember the relaxed, comfort of that hotel and have the little touch of luxury in our own breakfast tea ritual. We, too, have a good selection of speciality teas, from green and china and smokey to herbal combinations and each one tastes better because it is served in these beautiful glasses. And they hold warm memories for us of our visits to that wonderful part of the Black Forest in Germany and the friends we made there.

The other day I looked at the glasses with their filters and porcelain holders in the cupboard . A foil bag holding tea leaves was reflecting the light in such an interesting way that I thought they should be caught and shared with everyone who likes 'Everyday" but special things.

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Living Things : Obviously Lying in Wait


Week 15/26: #BWProject26

This spider is not one to take on a bee, unlike the one I posted yesterday, but was sitting in a very fine, almost invisible web above the wet giant hosta leaf. It seems to be hovering in mid air and is so visible I can't imagine how any prey would be surprised by it. Unlike yesterday's gruesome scene which needed colour to be properly appreciated, this one is perfect for converting to black and white for the theme.

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