Joni Playing Ball


I was using different settings on my camera this summer, experimenting with motion captures and Joni was an ideal subject for this blurred motion study. Border Collie playing ball. She doesn't stop for long, just long enough to will me to throw it again.

It's not so green on the ground now, but I had better get out and play ball with her anyway as her energy only seems to increase in the winter! Have a great weekend everyone!

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In a Blaze of Glory


Today I thought we could bravely face head on the blaze of colour in this sunset. This photo was taken from exactly the same spot as my photograph shared yesterday but that one was facing the gentler eastern sky. It is often the more striking and dramatic that instantly attracts our attention, while the soft and kind sits quietly just behind us. This more muted one is found in this post: .

I hope that your day passes in a blaze of fun and excitement with moments of moving and warm gentleness for comfort.

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Look East


We were near the end of a road trip, after driving through some heavy rains interspersed with dramatic bursts of light through the clouds.

As the sun began to set the sky was aflame with colour and drama. The intensity of the sunset was almost overwhelming and Steven stopped the car for me to dash out to the side of the road, dodging rain drops to try to find a decent foreground for some photographs. I took a few and then I looked behind, to the East. The pastoral scene, with the last of the autumn leaves at the bottom of a green stretch of grass and bounded by a field of ripened gold corn was a beautiful foreground to the more muted, but still beautiful reflection of the garish colours in the West.

I am in the mood for a more tasteful, gentle palette tonight and so am sharing the Eastern sky view. It also fits the +Farm Friday #farmfriday theme, curated by myself, +Steven Kennard, +Susanne Stelle and +Alessia De Bonis. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

This was taken on the same evening which, not long before produced this scene: .

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Beautiful and Elegant, Alert for Danger


I guess she didn't see me as a threat when we were stopped by her. This deer was in the woods in Ontario, not far from Arnprior, where we were visiting in November. She was very close to us and stood still long enough that I managed to get several photos of her. Deer always make me catch my breath with wonder and when I was younger, they could move me to tears when I saw them. They have such a beautiful grace and elegance for creatures of their size that I never fail to be delighted at the sight of them.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with joy at the beauty that is around us in whatever part of the world we are.

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Whatever this boy was waiting for in the snow, it was certainly far more interesting to him than I was.


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Joni is a Year Old


It seems as if she has always been a part of our lives and our daily routine. So it's hard to imagine that she is only a year old. At the same time it seems only a short while ago she was a little short nosed puppy playing with her blue ball under the rungs of the kitchen chairs.

Our Joni is now a year old and has all the best qualities of the border collie, developing more and more as she grows. She has the intensity (here she is watching the blue ball in the launcher that Steve is holding for her) and the energy. She has the intelligence and the love of learning. She also has the patience (as here) to wait until she is told to do the job she is waiting to do. When we take her out on her walks, as she runs free, if we have the ball and launcher she watches us and won't go far. She completely ignores anyone and anything else. If we have the ball, all we have to do is say 'down' and she drops to the ground. If she has the ball in her mouth then she is not quite so keen to do as she's told, though she just runs around us teasing us and trying to bounce it on the grass or the hard sand if we are on the beach.

She loves to run up the seats of the bleachers on the sports field, running along the boards then jumping from seat to seat up and down in her own private agility course. Here you see her on the top row, pretty much at the height of Steven's head, as he is holding her attention with…. you guessed it…. the blue ball !

A few people have said to me that they particularly missed seeing pictures of Joni, in particular my dear G+ friends , +Christina Lihani and +Ursula Klepper. Thanks to you both for your friendship.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Flowers


Yesterday the weather forecaster announced on CBC radio that it would be "Cloudy with a chance of flowers". I wish. I just had to share that with you all and hope it made you laugh as it did us.

On our recent road trip, as we were driving along the 401 in the direction of Toronto, the evening sky was really interesting and changed constantly. These fingers of light reaching down to touch the stretching bare trees were quite beautiful.

The sunset was stunning and I stopped to photograph it a little later, but I liked this one for today. It was taken out of the car window.

It's been pouring with rain all day today, melting the snow that fell on the weekend. The winter is settling in. I wish it weren't so early.

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Coffee by Steven courtesy of Rancilio, Mug by Teresa Wingar of Ontario


For #coffeethursday courtesty of the two who love to see these on a Thursday – +Stuart Dyckhoff and +Jason Kowing

This gorgeous little mug is just the right size for a small Americano (almost a straight espresso). We love the work of this lovely potter, Teresa Wingar. Her sense of colour and the attention to detail in her patterns make her one of our favourite craftsmen. We each brought home a small mug made by Teresa as a souvenir of our visit to Ontario and her studio.

We're glad to be home, though we had a wonderful time with friends and family while we were away.

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An Un-Anniversary Celebration


We are in Quebec city, having a great couple of days on our way home from a bit of a tour around friends and family in Ontario and Quebec. Last night we found a little restaurant, the Café de Paris, not far from the Château Frontenac in the old town and were sitting, waiting for our meal to be served. I was talking pictures of various things in the restaurant when the owner came up and asked if I wanted him to take a photograph of us… Um… Sure, I agreed. He then proceeded to stand on a chair with my camera and tried to zoom in with the lens (he couldn't as it was my prime 40mm) and then he complained when the lens was moving in and out (trying to focus). I asked him if he knew what he was doing and he said he did. Then he said that the picture was looking blurry. I told him how to focus and all seemed to be well. Suddenly his hand holding the camera dropped and there was a crash! He had dropped a metal cup just to give us a fright. :D What a great sense of humour. He was Italian, perhaps that had something to do with it?

For some reason he had decided that it was our wedding anniversary and wanted us to gaze lovingly at each other, then hold hands, then finally we had to kiss and Steve was told to 'take your time'. So here is the picture. What a clown he was! He then asked us if we wanted an after dinner drink, on the house. That sounded good, so we sat and waited… But those promised drinks never arrived. Eventually we paid the bill and left. Anyway, here we are on our very merry un-anniversary.

We will soon be home, with lots of photos and good memories.


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